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HPN Drug & Alcohol Rehab Coverage for Veterans

Health Plan of Nevada, a UnitedHealthcare Company, offers a range of health insurance plans to residents within the state of Nevada and surrounding areas. If you are a Veteran with coverage through Health Plan of Nevada (HPN), you may be able to have all or a portion of addiction treatment covered.1

Does Health Plan of NV Cover Drug & Alcohol Treatment for Veterans?

Yes, Health Plan of Nevada covers addiction treatment for Veterans at some level, depending on your plan.1 The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires all Marketplace health insurance plans to cover at least some of the costs of mental health and substance use treatment.2

Not only that, the coverage for mental health or substance use treatment must be comparable to the coverage the plan provides for medical or surgical care. This means there can’t be more restrictive limits to addiction treatment or costs.3

Your Health Plan of Nevada plan may cover various types of substance use treatment, such as:

  • Medical detox, which involves a medically monitored withdrawal process to promote a safe and more comfortable detox.
  • Inpatient care, where you live in a treatment facility 24/7 and receive counseling and help to create new habits.
  • Outpatient care, where you attend treatment a few hours a week and receive support in staying sober.
  • Partial hospitalization programs, which take place in a facility during the day, and allow you to return home at night.
  • Intensive outpatient programs, which are more structured than regular outpatient programs and can give you additional support and care.

Your coverage will depend on your specific insurance plan and health needs, so it is important to work with your doctor on a treatment plan and understand your insurance coverage before you commit to a program.

Does Having HPN Insurance Mean I Can’t Use VA Benefits?

No, having HPN insurance does not mean you can’t use VA benefits. In fact, you can use both forms of health care coverage together. Using VA benefits and Health Plan of Nevada insurance for addiction treatment can help lessen the financial burden of substance use treatment.

Your private insurance covers care in non-VA facilities and any non-service-connected care you get in a VA facility.4 Also, your private insurance may extend to your family members, but your VA health care typically will not.4

How Do I Use Health Plan of NV Coverage With My VA Benefits?

Using Health Plan of Nevada and VA benefits for drug and alcohol treatment is fairly simple. You would let your doctor know that you have both HPN and VA benefits.

By having health care coverage with both HPN and the VA, your benefits will be coordinated and it can help keep your costs down. Depending on the type of care you receive, whether it is service-connected or non-service-connected, and whether it is at a VA facility, or a private provider, can impact whether treatment is covered by your HPN insurance, VA benefits, or in some cases both.4

To start the process, work with your doctor to determine the right substance use treatment plan for your needs. Then, determine whether VA treatment is best for your needs or if a private program would be a better fit. Sometimes VA programs have a long waiting list, for example, and a private program can get you started sooner.

Do Providers Outside of the VA Accept HPN for Addiction Treatment?

Yes, there are several providers outside of the VA that accept Health Plan of Nevada for addiction treatment. The providers that are in-network with your HPN insurance will depend on your specific insurance plan. Insurance coverage may vary, so be sure to reach out to the behavioral health team at HPN before you commit to a program.

VA Community Care & Health Plan of NV Coverage

Sometimes, the VA cannot provide the care you need directly. This might be because they don’t have treatment available close enough to where you live or because existing programs are already full. If that is the case, the Community Care program may be able to help.5

Community care allows you to use your VA benefits at approved community medical providers. There are specific conditions and eligibility requirements, and the VA must approve care before you begin treatment.5

Using community care can help you access treatment more quickly and offset the cost of substance use treatment.

VA-Approved CCPs that Accept Health Plan of NV

We’re proud that all of the American Addiction Centers facilities are VA-approved community care providers (CCPs). Depending on your specific insurance plan, the following facilities may also be in-network with your Health Plan of Nevada insurance:

FAQs About Addiction Treatment With Health Plan of NV

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