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UHC Drug & Alcohol Rehab Coverage for Veterans

United Healthcare is one of the nation’s largest insurance providers, covering many Veterans in the U.S. If you are a Veteran with UHC insurance, some or all of your addiction treatment at an American Addiction Centers (AAC) facility may be covered.

Continue reading to learn more about using UHC and VA health benefits for addiction treatment.

Does United Healthcare Cover Drug & Alcohol Treatment for Veterans?

Yes. United Healthcare covers drug and alcohol treatment for Veterans who have substance use disorders.1 However, the amount of overage depends on the details of your specific policy. You can get more information by reviewing your policy details. Alternatively, you can check with an in-network facility to verify your insurance.

Does Having UHC Insurance Mean I Can’t Use VA Benefits?

No, having United Healthcare insurance does not prevent you from using your VA benefits. 2(top) Veterans may be eligible for health care benefits through the VA, regardless of any private insurance you may have. The VA and private insurance can sometimes work together, with each covering different aspects of your healthcare.2

Your private health insurance with United Healthcare will bill for drug and alcohol treatment services first.2 However, it’s important to note that the VA and United Healthcare have different eligibility requirements, so it’s a good idea to understand what each will cover for you.  In some cases, you may be able to use your UHC insurance for certain services and your VA benefits for others.2

Do Providers Outside of the VA Accept UHC for Addiction Treatment?

Yes, providers outside of the VA accept UHC for addiction treatment.3(top) It is a good idea to begin this process by letting your VA doctor know about going outside the VA for services.2 They can assist you in finding an approved UHC facility with the treatment options you need.2

In most instances, Veterans can use VA and UHC for addiction treatment outside the VA when those services are not readily available in their area.3

VA Community Care & UHC Coverage

The Veterans Affairs Community Care program provides eligible Veterans with access to health care services – including addiction treatment – from community providers when certain conditions are met.4 The community providers give care to Veterans when the VA does not have adequate resources to provide the care needed.4 Veterans may be able to receive services through the Community Care program if:4

  • There are no facilities are nearby.
  • Facilities are full.
  • Facilities don’t offer the services needed.

If you receive care through the VA Community Care program, your UHC insurance may cover some or all the costs of the services, depending on the specific policy you have.

When using services provided by a community care facility, ensure that they are an approved provider with the VA.4 You can determine this by checking with the VA or calling the UHC facility directly.

VA Approved CCPs That Accept UHC

American Addiction Centers (AAC) has addiction treatment facilities located throughout the U.S., and they are VA-approved CCPs that accept a variety of private health insurance, including UHC. The following is a list of AAC facilities that are VA approved with special services for Veterans:

FAQs About Addiction Treatment with UHC


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