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Aetna Drug & Alcohol Rehab Coverage for Veterans

Aetna is a large nationwide insurance provider that serves more than 39 million customers across the United States. With an Aetna plan, Veterans can receive coverage for addiction treatment. This article will help you understand what your plan may cover and how to check your benefits.1

Does Aetna Cover Drug & Alcohol Treatment for Veterans?

Yes, Aetna provides coverage for drug and alcohol treatment for Veterans with an Aetna insurance plan. The exact amount and type of coverage that you’ll have will depend on your specific plan. Aetna offers many plans, including:2

  • PPO plans: These plans typically allow for patients to seek specialty services without a referral from a primary care physician (PCP).
  • HMO plans: These plans usually require your PCP to guide your care by providing referrals.
  • Elect Choice plans: These plans utilize a PCP to guide care and require patients to stay in a specific network when receiving care.

Each Aetna plan has different coverage details. For example, while some plans may require you to visit your PCP prior to reaching out to a drug and alcohol rehab facility, others may not.

Does Having Aetna Insurance Mean I Can’t Use VA Benefits?

No, you can have Aetna insurance and still use your VA health benefits. In many cases, Veterans will be able to receive mental health services, including drug and alcohol treatment, through the VA’s healthcare system.3

However, for various reasons, Veterans may choose to purchase a private health insurance plan, like those offered by Aetna.4

Having another form of health insurance provides additional avenues for treatment. This can expand access to a wider pool of providers that may not accept VA benefits and may allow Veterans to:4,5

  • Stay in treatment longer.
  • Try alternate forms of treatment.
  • Attend treatment outside the area.
  • Get into treatment sooner.

In addition to private health insurance like Aetna, Veterans may also use their VA benefits with:4,6

  • Medicaid: A federal program that offers health insurance to people who fall below set income levels, although the eligibility requirements may differ between states.
  • Medicare: A federal program available to Americans aged 65 or over as well as people with disabilities, allowing them to access healthcare.
  • TRICARE: Military healthcare for active-duty and retired service members and their families.

How Do I Use Aetna Coverage With My VA Benefits?

If you have multiple types of insurance, such as Aetna or another private insurer, you may be able to use them with your VA benefits to cover treatment. You will need to provide information for both plans to the service provider.4

VA benefits are used when you receive care at a VA medical center or approved facility, while treatment received outside of the VA network will be covered by your other insurance plan.

 You may be able to use additional health insurance to cover:4

  • The treatment cost of conditions or injuries that are unrelated to your military service.
  • The partial or full amount of your VA copayment if you receive care at a VA facility.

You may also be able to apply charges for healthcare at the VA toward your private health insurance deductible.

VA Community Care & Aetna Coverage

VA Community Care and Aetna coverage offer different options for Veterans to access care outside of the VA.

When specific programs and services are full or unavailable, Veterans may be able to use their VA benefits at an approved provider outside the VA through the Community Care program.7 Eligibility conditions vary, and all care must be authorized by the VA before a Veteran can receive treatment at a Community Care provider (CCP).7

As mentioned above, if a Veteran has a secondary insurance plan like Aetna, they may be able to use that health insurance for medical care, co-payments, and other expenses that aren’t covered by the VA.8

VA-Approved CCPs That Accept Aetna

American Addition Centers is an approved community care provider (CCP), which means eligible Veterans may be able to receive treatment at one of our top-tier drug and alcohol rehab facilities located across the country.

American Addiction Center facilities that accept Aetna health insurance and are also in the VA’s community care network include:

To learn more about using Aetna insurance or your VA benefits for addiction treatment, call us at today. Or simply fill out the confidential form below for details about your specific plan’s coverage.

FAQs About Addiction Treatment With Aetna