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Veteran Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Florida

Rehabs for veterans in Florida provide addiction treatment and recovery services specifically tailored for former service members. Substance abuse can be particularly challenging for veterans. Specialized treatments can help you get and stay sober and improve your health and well-being.

If you or a loved one is a veteran in need of addiction treatment, your Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits can help you find and cover the cost of specialized substance abuse treatment in the state of Florida.

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Where Are Veteran Rehabs in Florida?

Florida has the third-largest veteran population in the country, with over 1.5 million veterans living in the state.1 Addiction treatment centers for veterans are widespread throughout Florida. State-funded facilities, VA medical centers, and private programs offer programs specifically for veteran populations.

Regardless of how severe your substance use is, it’s important to seek help and treatment when you’re ready. If you’re looking for a treatment center in Florida, the VA has a list of Florida treatment centers on their website.

How Much Does Rehab in Florida Cost for Veterans?

One of the first questions that comes to mind when you’re considering addiction treatment and rehab may be “how much will it cost?” The price of treatment varies, depending on several factors:

  • Facility type: Inpatient facilities tend to cost more than outpatient treatment programs because they provide lodging, meals, recreation, and other therapeutic interventions.
  • Facility location: Rehab costs less in some areas of Florida than others.
  • Treatment provided: Cost also varies according to what services you need. For example, if you require medical detoxification help, costs may be higher.
  • Length of program: Rehab tends to last anywhere from 30–90 days, depending on your needs. The longer your stay, the higher your costs are likely to be.
  • Amenities offered: Some facilities offer only the basics, such as food and a place to sleep. Others will have extra amenities like a gym, swimming pool, and spa services.

Whether you choose a standard addiction rehab program or a more upscale, luxury treatment facility, you can find an addiction rehab that fits your budget and personal needs while getting the help you need to get and stay sober.

Can the VA Cover the Cost of Rehab in Florida?

The short answer is yes—the VA will cover the cost of treatment for substance use disorders, at least to some degree. Coverage depends on a variety of factors including the facility you choose and the length of your stay.

The VA’s Alcohol and Drug Dependence Rehabilitation Program provides treatment for veterans with alcohol and drug dependence. The programs offer detoxification, rehabilitation, and psychiatric care and are located in VA medical centers and clinics.2

However, if there are no spots in a VA treatment center or you would prefer to attend at a different facility outside of the VA, the VA will still cover some of your costs. However, the extent of coverage depends on the facility you choose and the length of your stay. The VA’s Community Care network is one way department can connect you and others veterans to treatment facilities. Since Community Care Partners work with the VA, your VA benefits may help cover more of the cost at these facilities.

The VA website has a treatment finder to help you find a rehab center near you with VA-eligible locations.

Do Other Insurance Providers Cover the Cost of Rehab?

The VA is the primary source of healthcare treatment, including addiction treatment, for many veterans. However, you may also have private insurance that works with the VA to help you cover the costs of rehab and treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. For example, other forms of health insurance like TRICARE or Optum may give you access to private rehab facilities if there isn’t space in a VA program. Private insurance can help take the financial worry away from you so you can focus on what matters: getting sober.

When you access care at a VA healthcare facility, the VA will bill your private insurance for any services given. They may also charge copays for veterans who are currently employed and have other non-VA insurance.

Other options to help cover the cost of rehab include:

What Types of Addiction Therapies Are Available to Veterans?

There are many types of rehab are available for veterans in Florida. The type of therapy you receive for drug and alcohol addiction depends heavily on whether or not you are enrolled in a veteran-specific treatment track. Generally, addiction therapies available include:

  • Detox (medically assisted).
  • Emergency and non-emergency inpatient hospitalization.
  • Individual therapy.
  • Family therapy.
  • Group therapy.
  • Inpatient and residential substance abuse treatment.
  • Outpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment.
  • Partial hospitalization programs.
  • Trauma therapy.

Statistics on Veterans and Addiction in Florida

Many veterans struggle with substance use disorders and other mental health conditions.3 More than 1.5 million veterans reside in the state of Florida, and over 1.1 million of them have been on active duty during wartime.1 Veterans are at higher risk for developing substance abuse than civilians.

Fortunately, Florida has a large number of treatment facilities throughout the state to treat both substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions. :[4, pages 41-43)

  • There are 42 VA medical facilities in Florida.
  • 142 rehab facilities in Florida accept VA insurance.
  • Veteran-specific programming is available at 134 rehab/mental health facilities in Florida.

How Do I Choose the Best Veteran Rehab in Florida?

There are many treatment facilities to choose from in the state of Florida, including many that offer veterans-specific program. When looking for the right treatment facility for yourself or a loved one, you should be sure that the facility you choose employs evidence-based therapies and has proper, current licensing. It’s especially important ensure that the facility understands the challenges that come with being a veteran and why many veterans turn to substances to cope.

The stress that comes with deployment, exposure to combat, and learning to reintegrate into life as a civilian can contribute to substance use disorder. Recovery First’s veterans’ program in Hollywood, Florida, addresses the specific and unique needs of veterans. By focusing on a staff composed of veterans and loved ones of veterans, Recovery First’s Salute to Recovery program can help veterans feel secure and begin the recovery process.

In a veteran-specific addiction treatment program, you may take part in different types of therapy, including PTSD therapy and education, 12-step programs, anger management, grief counseling, family therapy, and other treatments. These modalities address the issues you faced in active duty and as a veteran that may have contributed to your addiction.

No matter what substances you are using, the best recovery programs go above and beyond to ensure your comfort, safety, and long-term success in staying sober.

Does Florida Have Special Addiction Laws and Programs for Veterans?

Florida currently has 31 veterans courts designed to assist veterans who are living with substance use disorders and/or mental illness and have had a violation of the law resulting in arrest.3 These courts identify and address the unique needs of veterans to help them improve their quality of life, re-enter society as a civilian, and be responsible members of the community. Participants in the voluntary program are provided with at least one “team member” who is familiar with military culture, veteran life, and other military issues. Legal counsel and treatment are provided to help you complete the program successfully.

Additionally, the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs is available in locations throughout the state. They are there to help you understand the many benefits available to you as a retired military service member and direct you to any services you need. You can reach the Veterans Support Line at 1-844-MyFLVet (693-5838) or by dialing 211.

Other Resources for Veterans in Florida

Substance use disorder is a common issue for many veterans—you are not alone.5 Help is available, and the sooner you get into treatment, the sooner you can begin to live a fulfilling, healthy life. Veterans looking for substance use treatment in Florida can reach out to:

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