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Veteran Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Nevada

Rehabs for veterans in Nevada can provide addiction treatment and recovery programs specifically tailored for the unique needs of veterans. Substance use disorder is common among veterans, due in part to the challenges of living through combat and reintegrating into society as a civilian. Specialized treatment programs, including inpatient, outpatient, and detox programs for veterans can help you get sober, support you in your recovery, and help you live a fulfilling, happy life.

If you or a loved one are a veteran in need of addiction treatment, resources are available to help you access treatment at Nevada facilities.

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Where Are Veteran Rehabs in Nevada?

Veterans make up 9% of Nevada’s population, with over 200,000 former military members living in the state.1 Given the high veteran population, some addiction treatment centers in Nevada have programs specifically for veterans. If you’re looking for a treatment center in Nevada, the VA has a list of Nevada treatment centers on their website, so you can find a treatment center near you or in another area of the state.

If you are unable to get addiction treatment at a VA medical center, state-funded rehabs and private programs are alternate resources for addiction treatment for veterans. Regardless of how severe your substance use disorder is, it’s important to be able to get the help and treatment you need when you’re ready.

American Addiction Centers’ Desert Hope Treatment Center is a premier rehabilitation center located in the heart of Las Vegas that offers a full continuum of care and support. From detox and inpatient care to outpatient treatment and a recovery residence, the caring staff members at Desert Hope’s easily accessible location are there to support you or your veteran loved one on the road to recovery. Desert Hope’s Veterans program is specially tailored to help veterans. The program offers co-occurring disorder treatment to military veterans whose lives have been impacted by substance use and the mental health issues that sometimes come with being in the military and/or a veteran.

How Much Does Rehab in Nevada Cost for Veterans?

When searching for a drug or alcohol treatment center in Nevada, one of the first questions you may be considering is “how much will it cost?” The price of treatment varies, depending on several factors, including:

  • Facility type: Inpatient facilities provide lodging, meals, recreation, and other therapeutic interventions, and tend to cost more than outpatient programs, which require you to live at home.
  • Facility location: Some areas in Nevada will have rehabs that cost less than others. Travel to facilities not near airports or public transit hubs can also incur hidden transportation costs.
  • Treatment provided: The cost of treatment varies widely, depending on what services you need and access.
  • Length of program: Rehab stays vary, lasting anywhere from 15 to 90 days, depending on the rehab facility and the treatment you need. Costs are higher for longer stays.
  • Amenities offered: Some facilities offer just the basic amenities: food and a place to sleep. Others offer more amenities, such as a gym, spa services, and gourmet food. Generally, the more amenities, the higher the cost.

Can the VA Cover the Cost of Rehab in Nevada?

The VA can cover the cost of substance use disorder treatment, but the amount covered is based on several factors, such as the facility you choose and the length of your stay.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Alcohol and Drug Dependence Rehabilitation Program provides treatment for alcohol and drug-dependent veterans. The programs provided through the VA offer detoxification, rehabilitation, and psychiatric care. These programs are located in VA medical centers and clinics, and they come at no cost to eligible veterans.2

Due to high demand, many VA treatment centers may be full or have long wait lists. You may also be more interested in attending a facility out of the VA network. Whatever the case, attending a facility outside the VA or it Community Care Network could increase the cost of treatment. The VA may cover some of these costs for eligible veterans but may not cover the whole cost.

The VA website has a treatment finder so you can find a VA-approved rehab center near you for yourself or a loved one.

Do Other Insurance Providers Cover the Cost of Rehab?

While the VA is the primary source of healthcare treatment for many veterans, including addiction treatment, other insurance providers may be able to cover some of your rehab costs. Veterans who have private insurance that works with the VA may be able to have supplemental coverage, depending on the facility and program.

With insurance outside of the VA, you may have access to private rehab facilities if there isn’t space in a VA program. Your private insurance provider, such as TRICARE or Optum, may help cover your rehab costs, which helps ease the worry about financial matters so you can focus on what’s important: your recovery.

If you receive care at a VA medical center, the VA will bill the private insurance company or charge copays for veterans who are currently employed and have other non-VA insurance.

Other options to help cover the cost of rehab include:

  • Medicare.
  • Medicaid.
  • State-funded rehab.
  • Low-cost rehabs.

What Types of Addiction Therapies Are Available to Veterans?

Addictions of all types are treated through various treatment programs in Nevada. The type of therapy you choose to access depends on whether you are enrolled in a veteran-specific treatment track or not. Generally, addiction therapies available to veterans in Nevada may include:

  • Detox (medically assisted).
  • Emergency and non-emergency inpatient hospitalization.
  • Individual therapy.
  • Family therapy.
  • Group therapy.
  • Inpatient and residential substance abuse treatment.
  • Outpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment.
  • Partial hospitalization programs.
  • Psycho-educational and didactic group programs.
  • 12-step meetings.
  • Trauma therapy.

Statistics on Veterans & Addiction in Nevada

More than 200,000 veterans reside in Nevada and many of them struggle with substance use disorders and other mental health conditions.1 These disorders often develop from situations and conditions commonly encountered by military personnel.

Fortunately, treatment facilities located throughout the state of Nevada are available to veterans to treat both substance use disorders and mental health conditions to help them get and stay sober and well.

The following statistics apply to rehabs in Nevada for veterans:3, p 118,119

  • There are two VA medical facilities in the state of Nevada.
  • There are 23 rehab facilities in Nevada that accept VA insurance.
  • Veteran-specific programming is available at 16 rehab and mental health facilities in the state of Nevada.

How Do I Choose the Best Veteran Rehab in Nevada?

Choosing the best veteran rehab in Nevada is a personal decision. It’s important to choose a facility with the programs and therapies available to meet your unique needs. It’s important to consider rehabs with veteran-specific programming, if possible.

There are many treatment facilities to choose from in the state of Nevada, and many have veteran-specific programs. One should carefully research which facilities with veterans-specific programs have evidence-based treatment options. Many veterans-specific programming in Nevada, such as Desert Hope’s Veterans program, prioritize staffing their programs with licensed individuals who have trained in treating veterans. This allows the staff to connect with veterans and understand the intense stresses of combat and reintegration into civilian life that can cause veterans to develop substance abuse and mental health disorders.

In a veteran-specific addiction treatment program, you will take part in various therapies and programs that are tailored to the issues that veterans are more likely to be dealing with, including anger management, grief counseling, family therapy, PTSD therapy and education, 12-step programs, and more. These therapies help address the issues you may have faced as active duty military and as a veteran living as a civilian that may have contributed to your addiction.

Does Nevada Have Special Addiction Laws and Programs for Veterans?

Nevada has veterans’ courts that are designed to increase self-sufficiency, reduce re-arrests, and provide education and employment opportunities to veterans who wish to remain in the community as responsible, productive members of society. Veterans who comply with and complete the program will not spend any time in jail for any misdemeanors they may have committed as a result of their substance use disorder.4 Veterans court is particularly suited to veterans with service-related illnesses, including PTSD and substance use disorders. Veteran courts are voluntary and legal counsel and treatment are provided to help participants complete the program.

Additionally, the Nevada Department of Veterans Affairs is available to help you understand the benefits available to you as a retired military service member. With locations throughout the state of Nevada, they can help you understand the benefits available to you, and access any services you need, including substance use disorder treatment.

Other Resources for Veterans in Nevada

Knowing you are not alone in your struggle with a substance use disorder can be a tremendous help on your path to recovery. Help is available. Resources available to veterans looking for substance use treatment in Nevada include:

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